A reliable and hard-working boiler is an essential element of your home, some would say it is the heart of the house. It is the tool that ensures the circulation of your house is fully-functioning, that your water is hot and your radiators are warming you up on a chilly day.

Like with anything that is this hard-working and essential, it needs TLC and lots of attention. And let’s be honest, as much as our boilers are important, we would much prefer to spend our money on more exciting things, like holidays and new furniture.

Therefore, we have created this blog article to help you maintain your boiler and keep it running for as long as it is safely possible.

So, how can you ensure your boiler lives a long life?

  1. Put your annual boiler service in your calendar

All boilers must be serviced on an annual basis – an engineer will come out to your home and ensure your boiler is running smoothly. It is vital these services are carried out as it ensures your boiler is safe, annual services prolong your boilers life as it is checked regularly and ultimately saves you money over-time because it decreases the chances of serious issues developing.

You wouldn’t miss your car’s annual service/MOT so why is it any different for your boiler?

  1. Fire up your heating regularly

Even during warmer months, it is important to turn on your heating for short periods of time on a regular basis. This is just to check it is all working and ticking along nicely. By switching on your heating once a month the system is kept moving, water is circulated and the thermostatic radiator valves don’t seize up. If your heating is turned off for long periods of time air can collect potentially causing air locks and when it gets to the first cold day of winter your boiler has to work really hard to start up again.

  1. Check your radiators regularly

Radiators often need to be bled or flushed to ensure they are working properly. Here is a really simple & useful video explaining how to bleed a radiator – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IP54Kbgnv0.

How do you know if a radiator needs bleeding?

Simply feel the radiator from the bottom to the top, if the bottom is hot but the top of the radiator is cold, this means there is air in the radiator that needs to be bled out.

Think opposites for a power flush! If your radiator is hot at the top but cold at the bottom this means there could be sludge build up, meaning it will need a power flush.

  1. Under pressure!!

Over time your boiler may lose pressure (particularly after the radiators have been bled), a decrease in pressure will stop your boiler from working. Readjusting the pressure is a really simple task, take a look in your instruction manual and there will be clear instructions in there for you. That brings us onto our next point…

  1. Don’t lose your instruction manual!

When your boiler is installed keep your paper work and instruction manual together so that you know where it is if you ever need it. Also, the contact details of your boiler company so that they are at hand if you ever need assistance.

  1. Know the symptoms of a poorly boiler

Whenever you get a moment simply take a look at the exterior of your boiler, are there any leaks, cracks or any sooty/dark marks on it? Is it making loud, clunking noises?

If so, it’s time to call out your boiler engineer. It’s best to catch the symptoms quickly to prevent a full breakdown.

  1. Blue is the magic colour

Make sure the flame in your boiler is glowing blue – on older boilers you may be able to see this flame so if it is a yellowy/smoky colour it is important to call out your gas safety engineer straight away.

By following these steps, you will prolong the life of your boiler, saving you money over the years and keeping your home lovely and warm.


We have a team of reliable, gas safe and OFTEC qualified engineers for all your boiler needs! Contact us to book in your installation, annual service or if you need an engineer imminently for boiler repairs.

Throughout our many years in the central heating and plumbing industry we have learnt from our customers that trust is everything. At Chaps we aim to ensure our customers receive a fantastic service and are 100% happy with the work carried out.


Why is it important to trust the companies you choose?

1. Your home is your haven When hiring a plumber, boiler engineer, bathroom fitter or central heating installer you are allowing this company to enter into your home; you’re allowing someone to enter into your life bubble. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the people working for you are trustworthy and respectful.

2. You’re a paying customer There’s no worse feeling than handing over a sum of money for a service or product that you’re not happy with. Investing in a new boiler, fitting a bathroom and looking after your central heating system are all essential elements to ensuring your home is perfect. However, these necessities can be expensive. You hear all these sayings: ‘buy cheap, buy twice’, ‘you get what you pay for’… when looking into plumbing companies you need to make the decision as to what you value most. A top-quality product? A top quality service? Both? A lot of the time it is better to pay that little bit extra to ensure you get the service you require.

3. It’s a long-term investment/relationship A boiler installation, brand new bathroom and your central heating system are long term investments. A boiler for example needs to be serviced annually and will last you a long time, if it’s cared for properly. Therefore, building a strong relationship with your central heating and plumbing company is essential to a stress-free future.

4. Life is stressful enough without added disappointment Have you ever experienced a really poor service? It gives you that horrible disappointed feeling, you feel cheated and hurt. Life is stressful enough as it is, we are all balancing work and family life, and it often feels like you’re spinning too many plates! Therefore, choosing a trustworthy company to carry out a service takes away that extra worry and disappointment.

5. Why settle for second best? Like we’ve said already, life is already stressful, so why compromise when choosing a company and service? Have a shop around, look at reviews and compare, this way you can make an informed decision on the companies you choose to work with.

A little bit about Chaps

Chaps is a central heating and plumbing company based in Henley-on-Thames, we have a team of engineers and dedicated office staff. We pride ourselves on the top-quality service we provide to our customers – not only are our engineers experts in their field but respect all our customers and their properties. Our surveyors are available for free quotes and the office books in appointments for our customers. Nick McLeod is the founder of Chaps; he is an integral part of the engineering and office teams and is a frequent tea-maker! So, when it does come to investing a new boiler, bathroom or central heating system, trust Chaps.

What our customers think of Chaps

“We have used Chaps for over 20 years. Their service has been consistently excellent.” Checkatrade, October 2019   “Well communicated by office. Plumber smart and polite, explained everything. Sorted heating out, used Chaps before, will use again.” Checkatrade, October 2019   “Very thorough – explained everything that had been done and anything that might need attention in the future.” Checkatrade, August 2019

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